Monday, July 27, 2015

Wearing Classic Dress Pants

Dress pants have been known to be unforgiving towards panty-lines. But with a full day at the office you will definitely want to be in your most comfortable pair while sparing no lines or bunching.

 After you try on a pair of Chantelle's Soft Bikinis, you will believe us when we say they are one of the most comfortable panties we carry. They are a seamless panty made of an incredibly smooth and light micro-fiber, and have a cotton gusset. We also carry them in a fuller higher-cut version. You will be happy to wear these panties under your slacks at the office, as well as under a pair of jeans on your day off.

Commando also makes a few great styles of seamless lazer-cut panties that will be unnoticeable and comfy to wear under your dress pants. We carry them in black and nude and in a range of styles so all of our customers can find a style suited for them: Boyshort, Girlshort, CYA (Bikini Brief), and Thong.

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