Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer is one of the best seasons to dress for. We all love those feather-weight fabrics, slim-fitting skirts, and curve hugging maxi dresses, but without the right undergarment these styles don’t always love us. Luckily, you don’t have to let sheer fabrics and panty lines turn you off of seasonal trends! Whether it’s a seamless panty, nude slip, or smooth control that you need, there are plenty of options that will help make the most of your fashion favourites. Who can argue with that?
Hanky Panky has just added a seamless thong to their collection and it’s the perfect solution for eliminating the dreaded V.P.L. (that's visible panty lines!). Hanky Panky's seamless Bare Eve Natural Rise and Godiva Hi-Rise are ultra comfortable and light, paired with Hanky Panky's perfect fit. If you’re considering wearing nothing under that tricky dress, consider trying Commando. Undetectable under even the most unforgiving fabrics, Commando invisible thongs, panties, and boyshorts are a great option for those difficult (read: clingy, sheer, and near impossible to wear) garments.
Commando makes one of our favourite slip collections. You may find it old-fashioned, but a slip can make the world of difference to your wardrobe. Commando slips come in an array of styles and lengths. These slips are weighted in the bottom hem (to discourage riding up) and laser cut, making them great under near-sheer garments. Commando slips are fabulous under pieces that cling, shift with movement, or tend to highlight areas that you’d rather keep under wraps. Available in two shades of nude and black as well!
We all know and love Spanx shapewear for its ability to transform the look of even the trickiest pieces in our wardrobe. The entire Spanx collection is a hit at Beestung Lingerie and we stock a variety of pieces. The light-weight control of Spanx’s Skinny Britches works from waist to mid-thigh, making it a great option for summer.
If you are seeking a slip that also offers control, we recommend Spanx's Slimplicity collection. The Slimplicity pieces offer Spanx's signature slimming without blowing your cover.