Thursday, April 4, 2019

Spring is an exciting time of the year here at Beestung, with new merchandise arriving daily. The Spring/Summer 2019 collections are sure gorgeous. We can't wait to show you all the pretty pieces that have arrived.

Pastels and pretty prints are the latest trends to hit the floor this season. Beloved Amsterdam design house PIP Studio (pictured) has hit it out of the park this season, with their new collection. 

With an emphasis on lounge and comfort, cropped PJ sets and breezy nighties are a popular choice as we enter into the warmer nights. 

The boutique is blossoming with new arrivals from our favourite collections, including Eberjey, PJ Salvage, Gingerlilly, Lusome, Skin and more! Drop by soon for the best selection.

Separate Out Your Delicates - Keep a small basket with your dirty laundry to throw your delicates into. This makes it easy to care for them properly. Tip: Always read the care label on the garment before washing. 

What Soap? Use a gentle fabric wash such as Soak or Forever New that are free of harsh sulphates, phosphates and dye. These products work for hand-washing, and can also be used in your washing machine. Tip: Eliminating harsh detergents will extend the life of your delicates  

Wash By Hand - Hand-washing is the very best way to keep bras, panties and swimwear looking the best. It is by far the most gentle way of caring for your delicates. In fact, the majority of bras are made to be hand-washed. Always wash in cold water. Tip: Press wet lingerie in a towel to gently remove excess moisture. Do not wring out your delicate bras or swimwear.   

Love Your Washing Machine? Many customers find it easier to launder their delicates in the machine. Always wash with cold water and use the hand-wash or delicate setting. Tip: Placing your delicates in mesh bags to launder helps protect them. A mesh bra bag with a wire-frame will help keep your underwire bras in good shape for longer.

Skip The Dryer - Unless the garment tag specifically indicates to tumble dry, most delicates need to be laid flat or hung to dry. The dryer will shrink bra underwire casings, turn lace brittle, shrink cottons, and cause modals to pill. Tip: Some sleepwear and cotton panties can be tumbled dry but only use the LOW setting on your dryer.    

Questions About Care? Just call and ask! We can answer any question you may have about caring for your delicates. By properly caring for your delicates, you will be rewarded with your garments still looking fresh and in great condition even after many wears.

Our New Location!

Have you had a chance to drop by and see our new space? If not, please come and say hello! We would love to show you around. We are now located at 2624 Yonge Street, just three blocks north of our original location. With three large fitting rooms, and lots of swimwear in stock too, we hope you love our new space as much as we do.


Our New Store