Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Cleaning

What better way to celebrate the end of winter than to undergo a thorough spring cleaning of your lingerie drawer? Find out which pieces work, which ones don’t, and what’s in style this spring with a little help from the Beestung Girls.

The best place to start cleansing your lingerie wardrobe is by assessing the fit, style, and wear-ability of each bra. By doing so, you’ll be able to determine which pieces are in it for the long haul and which should be donated or put straight in the bin. Here are a few tips that will help your wardrobe reach its fresh new look painlessly and in no time at all.

Assessing The Fit

To assess the state of your lingerie drawer, start by trying on each bra and tossing out any that have lost their elasticity or look worse for wear.
  • The underwire and center front gore should lay flat against your chest
  • The cups should lay smooth, without gaping or spillage on the back or bustline
  • The fabric should have a good amount of stretch in both the band and the straps
  • The band should be snug along your ribcage for optimal support
  • The bra should not ride up
We recommend purchasing a bra that is snug on the loosest hook-and-eye so that you are able to tighten up the band as it stretches with wash and wear. Once a bra is no longer supportive on the tightest hook and eye, it’s time to say goodbye.

When in doubt, come on in and let us see the bra on you. We’ll give you our honest opinion, adjust the bra for a better fit, and offer suggestions for prolonging the life of your bras in the future.

Fit Tip: If a bra is still in good shape but slightly too big or too small, tuck it out of the way at the back of your drawer. Bra size can change with just 5 lbs gained or lost, so a bra that is in good shape may be worth hanging onto.


Donate bras that you find uncomfortable or never wear but are still in good form. A great place to donate gently used items is your local women’s shelter.  

What Comes Next: Replenishing

By now you’ve discovered which bras you’re keeping, which are being donated, and which ones are way past their expiration date. The next step is replenishing the essentials and indulging in fun seasonal pieces.
  • Basics: Your everyday basic bras are worn day-to-day, so they’re usually the first to go. A soft cup or contoured bra that matches your skin tone is great for invisible coverage under white, while a black or navy bra are versatile under everything but that plain white T.
  • Strapless: Whether you have a bridesmaid dress, a bridal gown, or a strapless summer dress that you just couldn’t say no to, having a supportive strapless bra is an important part of every woman’s lingerie wardrobe. A wide band and a full coverage cup will ensure that your strapless stays up all night and offers a smooth, seamless line every time.
  • Colour Play: Spring is all about colour, so why not invite some brighter pieces into your wardrobe? Lines like Princesse Tam Tam, Lou, Elle McPherson, and Stella McCartney are renowned for their gorgeous, supportive bras in colours that pop. Don’t be afraid of colour. As long as you’re not wearing a plain white T, anything goes!