Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Gisele PJ's

Are you still looking for the perfect PJ's? You’ll stop your search when you try the Gisele. Coveted by our customers and us Beestung girls alike, Eberjey’s menswear inspired pajamas are classic, elegant, and unbelievably soft! Make sure you have a pair to wear this season! Hurry into Beestung for the best selection of size and colour.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

This time of year calls for cozy cotton, and here at Beestung we’re loving Dutch line PIP Studio for just that! PIP’s 100% cotton pajamas marry traditional style with sensational print and a no-holds-barred colour palette. With pajamas like these, we're tempted to skip the parties and stay in for the holidays. Swing by soon to take a peek at these perfect PJ's!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

 Who is on your list this holiday? A broody and exotic Dame? A casual, comfortable, totally down-to-earth Tomboy? Or maybe a sweet and wholesome Ingenue! Whoever the lucky girl is, there's something just for her at Beestung. Swing by soon to pick up the perfect little 'something' for all the wonderful women on your list. See all our great choices below!

Dame (dām) a courtesy title for a woman in authority or a mistress of a household. Glamorous, broody and exotic. She loves luxurious touches, has an eye for detail and appreciates the finer things. When every dress in her closet is both black AND fabulous.
1. Elegant Cecilia Camisole & Pant, Eberjey 2. Seductive Double-Je Bra and Tanga, Lou Paris 3. Festive Houndstooth Gift Box, Hanky Panky 4. Sophisticated Cocoon Wrap, Deshabille.

 Tomboy (täm-ˌbȯi) a girl who acts or dresses in a boyish way. Casual, comfortable and totally down-to-earth. She would never trade in her favourite sneakers, despite how worn they are. When she borrows from the boys, everything looks better.

1. Menswear inspired pajamas, Love + Grace 2. Elena 3/4 Sleeve Top & Irina Short, Princesse Tam Tam 3. Sporty Colette Racerback Bralette & Boythong, Eberjey 4. Flirty Sequin Boyshort, Hanky Panky.

Ingenue (an-jə-ˌnü) a naive, innocent girl or young woman. Sweet, wholesome and always sincere. She brightens up every day with her fresh and vibrant character. When there are never enough floral prints to satisfy her rosy attitude.

1. Ultra-feminine Theodora Bralette and Boythong, Eberjey 2. Adorable Days of the Week Bikini, Cheek Frills 3. Cozy and bold Pien Cotton Flannel Pajamas, PIP 4. Lingerie's favourite no-rinse washing liquid, Soak.