Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Joy of Eberjey

One of our personal favourite lines, that is also a big hit with our customers, is Eberjey. Feminine, yet not over-done, Eberjey strikes the perfect balance in intimates that make you feel hot without feeling fussy. Their pretty sleepwear sets are second-to-none, and their soft-cup bras are to die for. Blending comfort with sassy sexiness is not easy, but Eberjey continually steps up to the plate.

Eberjey was born from our belief that the layer worn closest to the heart should express happiness, love and confidence - all the things that make a woman truly beautiful.

Our dream was to creat a line of underthings that we would want to wear ourselves. Tired of lingerie that confines woman to unnatural ideas of standard beauty, we wanted drawers full of pretty pieces that flatter real bodies and feel good too. So we came up with a small collection of carefully designed items, in delicately flirty patterns and joyful colors. Things that made us happy when we put them on eery morning.

Turns out, our "dream" lingerie made other women happy, too! And so we began production, and named our baby eberjey (ebb-er-zhay) which means "joy" in a Nigeriam dialect.

Our signature piece is, of course, the Boy Short, also known as the French Brief. We came up with this style back in those dark days when "underwear" meant "bikini" or "thong". Those choices just did not satisfy us (co-founder and designer Ali Mejia had always joked that someday she would design underwear for the laterally challenged, small, flat-bottomed women like herself). So we set out to design a new style of underwear that would be feminine, sexy and, aboe all, comfortable.

We made boy shorts a must-have!

Cosabella Freedom of Color

Beestung Lingerie De Femme is proud to carry Cosabella.

Cosabella, meaning "beautiful thing," was founded in 1983, and led by the Ittalian husband and wife team of Ugo and Valeria Campello. The iltimate apparel company got its start, and initial recognition, with the design of bodysuits and hosiery in the mid-eighties. Today, its renowed for its comfortable, colourful and diverse collections that include lingerie, swimwear and casualwear.

Cosabella is designed at its headquarters in Miami, Florida and manufactured in Italy - resulting in a great mix of America design and Italian craftmanship. It is renowed for its use of vibrant, cutting-edge colors and trend-inspired prints. The company's best-selling Soire collection is the ultimate representation of Cosabella's motto - Freedom of Color. Each season new and exciting colors are introduced. The comfortable and colorful thong in this collection has reached a cult-like staus and it is a "must have" for women around the world.

Hanky Panky - The Most Comfortable Thong In The World

Are you looking for a thong that is actually comfortable? Well it does exist. Hanky Panky makes a thong that can convert even women who swear they can't wear a thong. The Hanky Panky thong is known as the comfiest on the market. The terrific stretch lace is so comfortable, you don't even feel like you are wearing underwear. With no seams on the side and a 2" wide waistband, this thong lies smooth across the hips and does not dig in. Because of the wide waistband, pantylines are drastically minimized. You can actually wear this thong with stretch pants and your clingy jersey dresses. If you are looking for the perfect underwear for no pantylines, you won't be disappointed by the Hanky Panky thong.

Original Hanky Panky ThongThe Hanky Panky thong comes in two styles. The 4811 (original) and 4911 (low rise). The 4811 original thong sits right between your belly button and your pubic bone. It is still fine with low rise pants and is a little more generous than the low rise thong. Hanky Panky thongs are one size... that's right! The original fit is preferred by more women because it's slightly more generous. If you have hips or curves, this is the one for you.

Low Rise Hanky Panky ThongThe 4911 low rise is super low, sitting right on your pubic bone. At first try, this thong is almost scandalously low. After you get used to the low cut, you will love it. Because this is a tinier thong than the original, it is prefered by more petite women and younger gals. Many women find they love and enjoy both the 4811 and the 4911, depending on the outfit.

Beestung Lingerie De Femme stocks over 40 colours of thongs in both low rise and original. We have the best selection of Hanky Panky in Canada. Our boutique is located in the Yonge and Eglinton area of Toronto. If you are unsure as to whether you will prefer the low rise or the original, come in and we will guide you in your selection. Just be warned... these thongs are dangerous! Once you try the Hanky Panky thong, you will never go back. Nothing compares to the comfort and the colour selection offered by Hanky Panky.

If you just can't get into the whole thong thing, then be sure to check out the full bottom vikini and boyshort styles from Hanky Panky. Also made from their incredible stretch lace, they are supremely comfortable while still being sexy and flattering. They vikini and the boyshort have a following all of their own. Drop into the Beestung Lingerie boutique at anytime and we will gladly show you the entire collection of Hanky Panky underwear and intimates.

Beestung's Glorious Spring Windows

Here are a few pictures of our windows from Spring 2007. The paper umbrellas were really pretty when paired with all the gorgeous spring colour Hanky Panky underwear.
Toronto Lingerie Boutique

Beestung Profiled In Sweetspot

Beestung Lingerie De Femme was thrilled to be featured in Sweet Spot, your daily source for all things fun, fashionable and fabulous in your city.

Time to Get Stung

Lingerie drawer number one: Skimpy sets that may not offer a lot of support (or work under your clothes) but sure come in handy when you murmur (keeping a seductive straight face): "Let me slip into something more comfortable."

Lingerie drawer number two: An assortment of faded briefs and granny panties (for laundry day of course) plus seamless nude bras that don't do much for you naked but are as comfy as pjs and look good under a tee.

For ages we've been trying to stop living a double life (lingerie-wise at least), but sexy and everyday hadn't quite come together for us until we got naked at Beestung Lingerie.

Owner Aimée Finlay showed us the best in functional and flattering. We still can't get over the huge Hanky Panky selection (including no-wire bras and petite and plus-sized thongs starting at $24.50) and seriously fell for Eberjey (bra $73), with its second-skin softness and sweet details. French line Princesse Tam Tam, Oprah-approved Le Mystère – we could go on but got caught up swooning over the Missoni print French brief from Billy Rose ($55.) She even had us eyeing a retro train case ($139) to stash all of our lacy things in.

But we're thinking of leaving a few at the boy's house. . .

Tip: Beestung Lingerie carries all sizes from almost A to serious-support-needed E cups (and beyond).

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