Friday, June 21, 2019

Are you still searching for the holy grail of swimwear? The one suit that will make you fabulous all the time? Every woman deserves swimwear that is flattering and fits well. We have had great success with our swimwear line SHAN. Our customers are loving the coverage and support, as well as the superb quality.

SHAN is a Canadian brand with international acclaim and a loyal customer following. To this day, their suits are fully constructed in Quebec by an expert team.  This Canadian resort wear company specializes in the creation and design of high-end swimwear. SHAN’s workshops are equipped with the latest in technology to privilege a synergy between modern techniques and handwork by experienced operators.

Drop by Beestung and let us show you this amazing swim collection.
We know how much our customers love natural fabrics, we have an amazing selection of 100% cotton items from brands like Hanro, Janira, Skin Worldwide, PJ Salvage and Hanky Panky. Our cotton sleepwear and underwear are loved by staff and customers alike.