Monday, September 21, 2009

Bra Fitting Made Easy

Beestung Lingerie offers full-service bra fittings. Better yet, there is no appointment necessary. Simply drop by, we will review your needs and suggest bras that will work for you and your figure. Then we will assess the fit of every bra you try on individually and determine the bras that are best for you.

At Beestung, we work with an educational approach. We don't feel that finding a correct fitting bra has to be such a mystery. Instead, we believe in empowering our customers by showing you the signs of a good fitting bra.

There are many different methods of bra fitting, all of which work to varying degrees. At Beestung, we prefer the hand-test method over fitting with a measuring tape. We have researched many different methods and spoken with industry experts. Our research shows us that bra fitting with a measuring tape is not always accurate, especially in larger cup sizes. Bra sizing is not standardized. Due to inconsistencies and lack of standardization among manufacturers, as well as the varying stretch capacities of different bra textiles, we prefer to use the hand-test method. This method is employed by many of the best bra experts in the world.

The hand-test method of fitting is very simple. It provides a highly accurate method of bra fitting, because each individual bra is assessed for proper fit. When you shop for a pair of shoes, sometimes your size fluctuates. The make of the shoe, the fabrication, and other variables all affect the fit. For instance, if you are a size 7 1/2 in most shoes, you probably have shoes in your closet in size 7 and 8 as well. As much as we wish it were, measuring for a bra is not an exact science. With the hand-test fitting method, you ensure that the bra is fitting you correctly without being too hung up on the numbers. Here is some common-sense advice for a perfect fit.

Hand-Test Fitting Method

1. The first step is to try your bra on the loosest clasp. You want a new bra to fit snugly on the loosest clasp as this allows you to tighten the bra as it stretches with wear and washing.

2. Then, have someone put their hand in between your back and the back of your bra, and turn their hand so it is at a 90 degree angle to your back. Their hand should be firmly wedged, and they should not be able to pull the band away from your back more than an inch. If you can pull away more than an inch, you need to go down in the band size.

3. When you have the correct fitting band, you can proceed to find the right fit in the cup. It is important to fit the band first, as the cup size increases incrementally when you go up in band size. For instance, the cup in a 34C is roughly equivalent to the cup size in a 32D.

Factors including weight fluctuation, preganacy, and aging affect your bra size. In fact, the average woman will wear six different bra sizes throughout her life. A correctly sized band will fit firmly around your back, as it is the band that supports the weight of the bust.

Check List For A Proper Fit

1. The cups fit smoothly
If your breasts are overflowing or you have the 'double boob' effect, you need to try a larger cup size. If you don't fill out the cups, you need a smaller cup size.

2. The center panel lies flat against your breastbone
When the center panel does not lay flat against your breastbone, it is generally a sign that your cup size is too small. Try going up a cup size.

3. The bra is parallel in the front and back or slightly lower in the back
The lower edge of the band should sit below the shoulder blades. The band should not ride up in the back. If the band is riding up, you need a smaller band size.

4. The straps don't dig into your shoulders or slip
If the band of the bra is fitting correctly, the weight of your breast should be carried through the band. A smaller band size will reduce the strap's strain on your shoulders.

5. The underwire fully encircles each breast
The underwire should not poke into your breast tissue. The underwire should sit right beside the breast tissue, not on top of it. If the wire is poking your breast, you need a fuller cup size.

6. Your breast have good uplift
Your breasts should sit mid-way between your shoulders and your elbows. This position gives a more youthful a slimming appearance.

7. Your breasts face forward and do not fall to the sides
This breast position allows you to freely swing your arms. This position also gives the most slimming appearance because your breast tissue is not making you look heavier by pushing out to the side.

8. A finger can be run under the front band
Your new bra should be snug at first, but not too tight. You should easily be able to run a finger under the front of the band. This ensures a comfortable bra.

At Beestung Lingerie, we take assess all of these factors when fitting you in a bra. Please come in and be fitted by one of our bra professionals. We are knowledgeble about the bras that we carry and can assist you in getting the best possible fit for comfort and a great look.