Monday, October 25, 2010

Bra Fit Guide: A Few Simple Tips For The Perfect Fit

At Beestung, we do not believe that bra fitting is rocket science. The basics of bra fitting are easily understood. What is difficult is determining how different bras fit. We do believe that a boutique setting with small and experienced staff will get you the best fitting bra. In a boutique, we understand the fit of every bra that we stock. By assessing your shape, size and needs, we can put you in bras that will serve you best. This type of product knowledge is indispensable. Additionally, we can provide you with superior customer service and attention. This individualized treatment will provide you with a bra that truly maximizes fit, comfort and form.

* The front center panel should lay flat between your breasts on your breastbone.

* The underwire should fully encircle each breast. It should not poke into the breast tissue or lay on top of the breast tissue.

* A new bra should fit snugly on the loosest set of hooks, so the bra can be tightened after it gives with wear.

* Your shoulders should carry less than 10% of the weight of your breasts. It’s the band that provides your breasts with lift and support. A snug band is essential to a good fit.

* Rely on expertise from your fitter. Different shapes and sizes of breasts benefit from different styles of bras. Your fitter is experienced in providing the best bras for your figure.

Come in for a bra fitting from our professionally trained staff. Our intimate boutique setting and fabulous customer service goes above and beyond the attention you will receive in any big box or chain store. Our aim is to get you a great fit and a comfortable bra that you will love to wear.