Friday, June 8, 2012

Undercover Agent: Your Guide To Success

As summer rears it's hot and humid head, many women are left wondering what to pair with their summer favourites. Sheer dresses, clingy jersey and unforgiving linen can all be tamed with the right foundation garment. Let the gals at Beestung Lingerie help you be your own best Undercover Agent with a few tips:
  • Pair the right pieces. Bring that tricky skirt or dress into Beestung with you. We have a variety of different slips in stock and trying them on with your dresses and skirts is the best way to see what will work.
  • Comfort is key. For a sundress that will be worn around the city, a slip may suffice and will keep you cool and comfortable. For a formal event though, shapewear with some control may look more polished.
  • Panty lines be damned. Attending a wedding or summer party? Asses what you are wearing before the big day. Give your outfit a test run by trying on your dress and panties. Stand in front of a mirror in full sunlight. Can you see your panties? If so, come in and we will show you some great options.
  • Hapless strapless. Many summer dresses have thin little straps. For a formal function we definitely recommend going with a great fitting strapless bra. For a dress you intend to wear around the city streets though, you may be able to get away with a pretty strap that shows.

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