Monday, May 6, 2013

Bandeau (pl. bandeaux, diminutive of French: bande meaning "strip"), a garment made of a strip of cloth.

Seeking something softer and more comfortable than a strapless bra? Beestung has stocked up on bandeaus for the summer season. These delicate pieces are gorgeous if revealed ever-so-slightly from under a bat-wing tunic, or paired beneath the perfect summer frock. We have an assortment of soft lace, smooth microfiber and even lifting underwire bandeaus. Eberjey's Esther Lace bandeau and thong, pictured above, is a dainty piece that perfectly embodies everything a bandeau should be. We also have choices from Princesse Tam Tam and Hanky Panky too.

Bring in your summer tops, tunics, and pretty dresses to see what works! Bandeaus work best on a smaller bust, and will fit an A-C cup and perhaps a small D cup. If you need more lift and support, we always have a great selection in traditional strapless bras up to F cup as well.

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