Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What is a three-piece cup?
A three-piece cup is when the cup of the bra is comprised of three pieces of fabric sewn together in a way to push the breast tissue in and upward, giving better shape and support.

Why do I need a three-piece cup?
Seamed three-piece bras are a great option for heavier busts and often provide better fit and lift when compared to their seamless counterparts. The arched transverse seam curves along the bra cup and gives a more rounded shape to the breast tissue while also being very supportive.

What bra should I consider?
The Madison Balcony Bra from Prima Donna is a great example of a three-piece cup. This underwire bra has a sensual balconette bust line and deep cups. Finished with lace that hugs your curves, the check pattern on the lower cups gives a fresh youthful look. This new addition to Beestung is exceptionally comfortable for everyday wear, while still being gorgeous. It is also available in nude and black from band size 30-38 and cup size D-G.

Do the seams show under clothing?
You will find that a three-piece bra will work under about 90% of your wardrobe. Most bra manufacturers make the seams as flat as possible. After a few days wear, the weight of your breast tissue helps to further flatten the seam to give a smooth and invisible look under almost all tops. Under white t-shirts and form fitting clothing, the seam may be slightly visible. Layering with a camisole will help the seam to disappear too.