Wednesday, February 8, 2017

As bra fitters, we hear time and time again worries about back fat. This is a result of wrapping something tight around a woman’s body, and does not indicate that the bra does not fit. In fact, the band of a bra should be snug. The band provides 80-90% of the support and has to be tight to be effective. Wearing a looser band may lessen the appearance of back fat, but it also sacrifices all the support and puts the weight of your bust onto your shoulders.

As a guideline, a new bra should fit firmly on the loosest hook and eye. You should be able to place two or three fingers under the band of the bra. If the bra pulls away from your body too easily, the band is not snug enough and you should size down. The band anchors the bra in place and prevents it from lifting up and shifting on your body. Because of this, a tight fitting bra is actually significantly more comfortable to wear.