Thursday, April 5, 2018

Mme Pérèle opened her first Parisian workshop in 1948 and responded to the needs of woman for years to come. In 2017, the House of Simone Pérèle was named the winner of the 2017 Designer of the Year award for international lingerie brands.

Simone Pérèle has distinguished itself by its strong creativity, experienced knowledge of the female silhouette and its unrivaled corsetry expertise. Anchored in excellence, Simone Pérèle cultivates its expertise: mastery of precious materials, demand for rare quality and subtlety of detail, coupled with a precise knowledge of the female body. 

Self confidence is a beauty that never fades. Mme Simone Pérèle

Caresse 3D Plunge: The Ultimate T-shirt Bra
Revolutionary spacer technology delivers a curve-hugging fit with a velvety soft interior that's live-in-all-day comfortable. This fresh take on the French T-shirt bra is a technical masterpiece gone chic: seamless cups, plunging neckline, ultra-soft stretch lace, and u-shaped leotard back for extra support.

  • Plunging décolleté.
  • Smooth, soft cups that do not add additional volume to the bust.
  • The revolutionary 3D spacer: the airy knit allows your skin to breath.
  • Everyday softness: cotton-touch lining in the cup and soft lace trimmings