Friday, May 3, 2019

Over the years at Beestung, one of the great pleasures has been watching so many of our customers become mothers and  grandmothers. There are two mothers on staff at Beestung. In celebration of Mother's Day, here is a sneak peak at our families. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Mother's Day. 

Beestung owner, Aimée, is the proud mother of two young children. Daughter Amelia is now five years old and son Oscar is four.  Aimée's favourite thing about being a mother is all the cuddles from her affectionate little ones. And as a busy entrepreneur, Aimée is ever thankful for her own mother Bonnie for her endless support.

Bra fitter and sales associate, Rochelle, is the mother of two adult sons. Justin is thirty -five years old and just got married last summer. Adam is thirty-three and passionate about luxury cars. Rochelle's favourite thing about being a mother is watching her two sons grow into young gentlemen.