Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Joy of Eberjey

One of our personal favourite lines, that is also a big hit with our customers, is Eberjey. Feminine, yet not over-done, Eberjey strikes the perfect balance in intimates that make you feel hot without feeling fussy. Their pretty sleepwear sets are second-to-none, and their soft-cup bras are to die for. Blending comfort with sassy sexiness is not easy, but Eberjey continually steps up to the plate.

Eberjey was born from our belief that the layer worn closest to the heart should express happiness, love and confidence - all the things that make a woman truly beautiful.

Our dream was to creat a line of underthings that we would want to wear ourselves. Tired of lingerie that confines woman to unnatural ideas of standard beauty, we wanted drawers full of pretty pieces that flatter real bodies and feel good too. So we came up with a small collection of carefully designed items, in delicately flirty patterns and joyful colors. Things that made us happy when we put them on eery morning.

Turns out, our "dream" lingerie made other women happy, too! And so we began production, and named our baby eberjey (ebb-er-zhay) which means "joy" in a Nigeriam dialect.

Our signature piece is, of course, the Boy Short, also known as the French Brief. We came up with this style back in those dark days when "underwear" meant "bikini" or "thong". Those choices just did not satisfy us (co-founder and designer Ali Mejia had always joked that someday she would design underwear for the laterally challenged, small, flat-bottomed women like herself). So we set out to design a new style of underwear that would be feminine, sexy and, aboe all, comfortable.

We made boy shorts a must-have!

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