Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Beestung Profiled In Sweetspot

Beestung Lingerie De Femme was thrilled to be featured in Sweet Spot, your daily source for all things fun, fashionable and fabulous in your city.

Time to Get Stung

Lingerie drawer number one: Skimpy sets that may not offer a lot of support (or work under your clothes) but sure come in handy when you murmur (keeping a seductive straight face): "Let me slip into something more comfortable."

Lingerie drawer number two: An assortment of faded briefs and granny panties (for laundry day of course) plus seamless nude bras that don't do much for you naked but are as comfy as pjs and look good under a tee.

For ages we've been trying to stop living a double life (lingerie-wise at least), but sexy and everyday hadn't quite come together for us until we got naked at Beestung Lingerie.

Owner Aimée Finlay showed us the best in functional and flattering. We still can't get over the huge Hanky Panky selection (including no-wire bras and petite and plus-sized thongs starting at $24.50) and seriously fell for Eberjey (bra $73), with its second-skin softness and sweet details. French line Princesse Tam Tam, Oprah-approved Le Mystère – we could go on but got caught up swooning over the Missoni print French brief from Billy Rose ($55.) She even had us eyeing a retro train case ($139) to stash all of our lacy things in.

But we're thinking of leaving a few at the boy's house. . .

Tip: Beestung Lingerie carries all sizes from almost A to serious-support-needed E cups (and beyond).

Beestung Lingerie de Femme
2504 Yonge St.
(at Castlefield Ave.)

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